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The Cast of ATG's 2005 Production of 1776
Congressional Custodian Andrew McNair welcomes new Congressman Dr. Lyman Hall of Georgia on his first day in Congress.
Congressmen Rodney, McKean, Rutledge and Hall convene before a Congressional Session to discuss Independence for America

Congressman John Adams writes his wife and shares his peers opinion of him being "... obnoxious and disliked!"

Reluctant early American hero Thomas Jefferson was practically forced to write the Declaration of Independence by his  Congressional colleagues.
Johns Adams reading Jefferson's first draft of the declaration declares "this is terrible" and is ignored by  Ben Franklin, catching a snooze and Thomas Jefferson, tuning his Violin.
Ben Franklin, Martha Jefferson and John Adams discuss some of her husbands finer traits
"... he plays the violin ..."
John Dickinson implores Congress to reject the ideas of  his Congressional foe John Adams
"... an agitator ... incendiary little man ..."
As always, the second oldest Congressman in the Continental Congress Stephen Hopkins is looking for a mug of rum.
Congressmen Adams, Read, McKean, Sherman and Frankin in session.
President of the Continental Congress,
John Hancock attempts to control the debates and the flies within Independence Hall.
 Congressmen Hewes addresses Hall, Rutledge, Wilson and the rest of Congress "...precisely."
Congressmen Sherman McKean, Hopkins, Read and Livingston listen.
The Cool Cool Considerate Men of Congress
Hancock rules, over Adam's objection,
that Independence must be unanimous ...
"Either we walk together, or together we must stay where we are."
Rev. Witherspoon and Dr. Bartlett listen in while young Congressional Page Leather Apron sleeps, oblivious to what's going on around him.
Once again John asks for Abigail's support and insights.
Dickinson and Adams meet head to head, literally "... you fribble!"
South Carolina's Edward Rutledge demands removal of the 'slavery clause' from the original Declaration "... or Carolina will forever bury your precious dream of independence, Mr. Adams!"

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